Hearing Care Services

Our passion is helping the people of South Texas reconnect their loved ones and the world around them. Whether you have never had a hearing test and just want to see how your hearing is, or you’re on your 10th pair of hearing aids, we are here to help you!

Our Expert Hearing Care Services

Our passion is helping the people of South Texas stay connected and engaged by providing better hearing.

Free hearing test

We offer complimentary hearing evaluations and consultations to identify your specific auditory issues. By using the latest technology, we assess your hearing and develop solutions to enhance your connection with the surrounding world.

Hearing Aid fitting

If hearing aids are necessary for you, we customize our recommendations based on your hearing profile, lifestyle preferences, and budget. This personalized approach ensures optimal hearing aid performance and comfort.

Ear Cleanings

Is your hearing loss due to wax buildup? We provide quick and safe ear cleaning services, available to all, regardless of hearing aid use. This procedure can help clarify whether your hearing issues are wax-related.

Hearing aid Repairs

We handle most hearing aid repairs immediately on-site. If a repair cannot be done in our office, we will send it out for professional servicing. We also offer loaner hearing aids so you won’t miss any important sounds.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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