You may not think your overall health has anything to do with your hearing, but it’s true. Your hearing is intricately interwoven with the overall functionality of your body and vice versa. Many studies has been done that link hearing with conditions in various parts of the body, illustrating that many of these adverse affects are connected to an unhealthy habit of some sort. Perhaps you don’t even realize that what you’re doing is harming your hearing. The good news is, if you’re aware of what’s going on, you do something to lessen your risk and exposure to hearing damage.

Loud Noises

Many people love to attend rock concerts, but the truth is, the extremely loud noises these events produce can damage your hearing. Each pulse of the speakers can bring on temporary and long-term damage to your ears, so never sit close to the speakers when at a concert. Instead, sit or stand in the back. Concerts aren’t the only thing that expose you to loud noises. This can involve hiking up the volume on the TV or video games to dangerous levels. These negative habits can have a bad effect on your hearing.

Listening to an MP3 Player

Many people, especially young people, like to drown out the noise of everyday life with their MP3 players. They pop in some ear buds and listen to their favorite tunes, whether on the subway or in a lecture hall. However, the loud volumes produced by such actions can lead to significant hearing damage over time. When you do this, you are basically sending a large amount of sound directly into your inner ear where it cannot diffuse properly. When all that energy crashes against your eardrum, you can experience hearing loss.

Sedentary Lifestyle

A real threat to young and old in this country and others is obesity. This can develop through a sedentary lifestyle that does not include proper exercise and eating the right foods. While obesity poses many health dangers for people, one of the biggest is the possibility of developing diabetes, which leads to poor circulation throughout the body. People with poor circulation are at a greater risk of hearing loss. One way to guard against this is to exercise regularly and eat a healthy diet.


Smoking is detrimental to many areas of your health, most notably your lungs and breathing, but did you know it’s also bad for your hearing? While you may not readily make the connection between smoking and hearing, this bad habit definitely poses a significant threat due to the chemicals in the cigarettes that can damage the vibration sensors in the ears. This makes it harder for the ear to pick up on small sounds, posing far-reaching impacts.

Failure to Visit Your Doctor

If you don’t go to the doctor on a regular basis, you could be missing out on opportunities to evaluate your hearing. Your doctor can pick up on hearing losses and treat them successfully if caught early. You have to do your part and see your doctor yearly so he or she can track any possible changes. Your doctor will not only assess your hearing risk but will advise you on how to improve your lifestyle and lower your risk of hearing loss.

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