Bowl of Rice Krispies making noise in your ear.

Crackling in your ear? A condition called tinnitus can produce numerous different noises in your ears including whooshing, buzzing, ringing, and crackling. Here is some relevant information.

Where is that crackling, ringing, or buzzing sound coming from? When it comes to somebody who has hearing aids, it may mean they need to be adjusted and fitted. For everybody else, tinnitus may be the answer.

There’s much more to the ear than what you see on the outside. Here are a few of the more prevalent noises you might hear inside your ears, and what they could reveal is going on.

I’m Hearing a Snap, Crackle, And Pop in my Ears But What’s The Cause?

It’s not Rice Krispies that’s for certain. It’s not unusual to hear a popping or crackling sound when the pressure in your ear changes. This can be because you had an altitude change, went underwater, or simply yawned. These sounds are caused by a tiny part of your ear called the eustachian tube. The crackling is caused by mucus-lined passageways opening up, permitting air and fluid to move and equalize the pressure in your ears.

It’s an automatic process, but in some cases, like if you have congestion from allergies, a cold, or an ear infection, your eustachian tubes can literally get gummed up from the overabundance of mucus in your system (don’t forget, that there’s a connection between your ears, throat, and nose). Medical assistance, like surgery, is sometimes necessary in extreme cases where nothing else has helped clear the blockage.

What Does it Mean When I Hear Vibrations in My Ear?

Vibrations in the ear are sometimes a telltale sign of tinnitus. Tinnitus is the medical name for a condition that causes people to hear sounds that have no outside cause, such as vibrations, inside of the ear. It’s generally described as a ringing in the ears and can, in some instances, be mild, and in others, debilitating.

What Should I do About Noises in my Ear

If you have hearing aids, again, checking those is the first step. There may be numerous reasons that you would hear these sounds: the hearing aids aren’t sitting correctly inside of your ears, the volume is too loud, your hair is rubbing against them, or your batteries are running low. But if you don’t use hearing aids and you’re hearing this kind of sound, it may also be because of excess earwax.

It seems logical that too much wax could make it difficult to hear and cause irritation or even inner ear infections, but how can earwax cause a sound? If it is pushing against your eardrum, it can actually hinder the eardrum’s ability to function, which is what causes the buzzing or ringing. The good news is, earwax issues are easily fixed.

If you’re hearing odd noises, give us a call. We can check your hearing aid to make sure it’s functioning correctly.

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