If you regularly hunt or target shoot, you might want to purchase a pair of hunter’s ear plugs. Unlike other situations that necessitate hearing protection, hunting requires hearing very quiet, soft sounds. Firearms are high-powered, and typically very loud when shot.

The sound environment while hunting changes quickly, from soft and quiet to loud and impacting! This loud, sudden sound can cause damage to the ear, so it becomes extremely important to wear hearing protection to prevent damage when hunting or shooting any firearms.

Customized ear plugs made especially for hunting and shooting needs are available. Unlike traditional ear plugs, hunter’s plugs do not muffle all sounds.

Rather they allow for mostly normal hearing until a loud noise activates a valve closure that decreases the intensity of the noise. This closure occurs very quickly and will serve to protect the ear from sudden damage and impact.

Getting your custom ear plugs is simple! An impression of your ear will need to be made. A hearing healthcare professional will inspect your outer ear and ear canal. If the ear and canal are clear, a small foam or cotton block will be placed deep in the outer ear canal.

A silicone mixture will be placed in the ear. This mixture will harden quickly as it sits. After a few minutes, your provider will probably ask you to move your mouth and jaw around to help loosen the seal of impression material and your ear.

Rolling slightly forward, your provider will remove the impression. This silicone impression of your ear will be sent to a manufacturer to create your custom ear plugs.

If you hunt or shoot, do not wait until your hearing is damaged to purchase hearing protection! Call a hearing healthcare professional today. Your hunter’s ear plugs can prevent noise-induced hearing impairment during one of your favorite activities!

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