Move over hearing aids: make way for cell phones. Featuring state of the art technology to accommodate the hearing impaired population, cell phones and smart phones now have special components that result in greater clarity of sound. Hearing aid devices have traditionally been the most popular way to help hearing impaired individuals hear more clearly in everyday life. Now to boost that capability, cell phones and smart phones can help with this even more so that people with hearing loss can tackle their day with increased confidence. If you never thought cell phones and hearing aids would go together, think again. In fact, both cell and smart phones are taking the hearing impaired community by storm, boosting the use of modern day hearing aids. For those with different degrees of hearing loss, sometimes a hearing aid just doesn’t do the trick. Cell phones and smart phones are now here to pick up the slack.

Smart Phones

Smart phones are truly a great invention. There have been many applications introduced to help people get better and more thorough notifications on their phone. These apps make use of the powerful vibration centers and LED lights fitted to the latest models in order to help people hear and see their phone going off when they get an email, text, or call. One of the best advancements in the battle against hearing loss has been the smartphone. While some people may not see the immediate connection, there is certainly a great ability to use these devices to help people who suffer from hearing loss. First, most of these phones come equipped with a powerful telecoil and anti-static device built into them, allowing people with hearing aids to make calls without suffering from excruciating feedback.
Yet, the biggest victory of smartphone technology is the fact that it comes with the ability to allow greater interface between the hearing device and its user. With the ability to control their hearing from the palm of their hands, people with hearing loss are overjoyed by the new privacy and abilities offered by technology. However, it is important to see just how far this tech has come in a short time. Many of the latest smartphones that have been designed by many companies have integrated the hearing aid controls into their smartphones for some designs. This allows the wearer to control everything from the amount of volume in hearing aid to the level of base that they wish to allow through the device.

Cell Phones- Early Models

Cell phone technology prompted the hearing aid compatibility rating for phone devices, which is still noted on most cell phone packages today to help the user make smart buying decisions for their needs. The cell phone models came equipped with a telecoil that allowed for clearer and louder phone conversations for people wearing hearing aids. This also established the telecoil rating system that is still used today to designate the most effective devices in phone on a scale from 1-4. It is easy to see why cell phones are revolutionizing the hearing aid industry today.

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