Are you straining to hear in everyday situations? Do you have trouble understanding what people are saying to you when there’s background noise? Have family members complained that the TV is too loud when you’re watching at what seems like a comfortable volume? If so, a hearing professional can help.

When you first visit a hearing professional, you’ll have a chance to explain the problems you’ve been noticing before going through a complete hearing test. The hearing professional will have you indicate when you can hear sounds at different frequencies and may also have you repeat words you hear. Based on this information, you’ll get to see an audiogram, which is a graph of how loud sounds need to be for you to hear them.

The hearing professional will then explain to you what type of hearing loss you have and what options there are to treat it. There are a wide range of modern hearing instruments available, and your hearing professional will help you select the best ones for your needs. You may choose to get hearing aids, or perhaps just assistive listening devices for specific situations.

When your hearing instruments come in, you’ll go through the process of having the instruments fitted to you and learning how to use them. Hearing aids are calibrated to your exact frequencies of hearing loss so you hear a balanced range of sounds again. Many hearing instruments allow you to program multiple settings for different types of listening environments, and the hearing professional will show you how to use them. You’ll also learn how to clean and care for your hearing instruments so they perform at their best.

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