The ear is an amazing organ and one which should be respected and well cared for. It enables us to hear a wide variety of sounds. Hearing sound is what the ear does so let’s discuss how it functions.

The ear consists of several important components. The outer ear is comprised of skin and cartilage. It forms a shape which helps to focus and direct sound into the car canal. As sound enters the ear canals, it causes the next part of the car called the eardrum to vibrate.

The eardrum is an organ which is composed of a membrane which covers the ear canal. The eardrum protects the sensitive parts of the inner ear from dirt, debris, water, and other contaminants.

As the eardrum vibrates, it sends these vibrations to a series of small bones located in the inner ear. These tiny bones a positioned in such a way as to be stimulated by the vibrations of sound and it carries from one tiny bone to the other.

These vibrations are then transferred to an important part of the inner called the cochlea. This organ contains millions of microscopic hairs which sense the vibration and then convert it to electrical stimuli which are communicated to the brain through a nerve extending from the cochlea.

The cochlea is an extremely sensitive organ. It is very important to protect it from shock, disease, an especially loud noise. If the ear is subjected to loud noise for an excessive period of time, the hairs in the cochlea become damaged and lose some of their sensitivity. This directly impacts the ability to hear clearly and sufficiently.

Therefore protect and take of your ears and they will take care of you.

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