Carla Hoffman, Hearing Instrument Specialist from the Hearing Aid Company of Texas was awarded hearing aid specialist of the year at THAA 66th Annual Convention and Southwest Regional Trade Show. THAA is a nonprofit professional association that serves licensed hearing aid dispensers in Texas.  Every year THAA puts hosts an event to further educate providers all over Texas. At the annual convention, 15 of the 20 hours specialist need of continuing education are provided. Attendees get an in depth look at future technology that will help them provide better care to their patients. Each year, the association honors one of its members the THAA Dispenser of the Year Award. The award is given to the licensed dispenser who practices the highest standard of ethics when serving the hearing impaired of Texas.
She has served over ten years on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Center Board, including 5 years on the Executive Board and is a past chair. She has also served 2 years on the THAA Executive Board, one of them as the Board Secretary. In 2009, Governor Rick Perry appointed her to the State Committee of Examiners in the Fitting and Dispensing of Hearing Instruments, a six year commitment. This board is responsible for licensure and regulations for the hearing industry. Mrs. Hoffman chairs the subcommittee for examinations and is very active in promoting education and training in the industry.
For the first time in THAA history, Carla Hoffman was accompanied onto the stage by her family. At the beginning of her speech, she gave thanks the previous recipients who have inspired as well as mentored her. She then thanked her staff and stated, “This award is not about me, it’s about the Hearing aid Company of Texas family. I am only a member of a much greater team. Without their love and support I could not do what I do.”  She then stated that her staff does such a great job because they are a team that lives by the three D’s: dedication, determination, and desire.  She commented that every day their team brings that commitment along with the company’s foundation of character and integrity to provide the best hearing healthcare in the state of Texas to all who are hearing impaired.

Watch Carla’s Acceptance Speech Below: 

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