The short answer is yes. Doctors have found that certain foods can contribute to hearing health, which is essential in the ongoing fight against hearing damage through the years. While hearing loss is a standard feature of the senior years, you can do your part to avoid this. Thanks to all the loud noises that you have been subjected to over your life, your hearing is in decline, but you can boost it back up with the following foods. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes these foods so great when it comes to optimum hearing health.

Citrus Savvy

Do you love oranges and lemons? That’s a good thing, because you’re not only boosting your immune system to keep colds away, but you’re also doing what you can to keep infections – particularly ear infections – away as well. Citrus fruits, well-stocked with vitamins C and E , can guard against infections of the ear, which is important because too many untreated ear infections and you can cause some pretty serious damage.

Go Bananas for Bananas

If you love bananas for their soft, tasty texture, you can now enjoy bananas even more knowing they contain magnesium which is imperative in the fight against hearing loss. Why? Magnesium is a super vitamin that prevents the effects of long-term damage in your ears from loud sounds incurred over a lifetime.

Simply Salmon

Salmon not only tastes delicious, it’s good for you too. We all know the health effects of fish such as salmon, but evidence also shows that the omega-3 fatty acids that are so good for your overall health are also good for your ears. Improved blood flow is a natural side effect of these fatty acids, which helps the heart pump stronger. Your ears enjoy the increase in blood flow, resulting in optimum ear health. Have it grilled or baked – however you like it, eat it often.

Dark Chocolate Delicacy

Perhaps you think of dark chocolate as an indulgence, and it is. But when taken in moderation, you could be doing your ears a world of good. You can derive lots of zinc and antioxidants from dark chocolate, which  helps to protect your inner ears against hearing loss. Get zinc in a daily supplement as well to get the nutrients you need.

Best of Broccoli

Fresh veggies aren’t just a second thought on your plate, a place to add some color to your dinner. They act as important building blocks in hearing health thanks to all the vitamins they’re known for. Broccoli in particular has an excellent source of vitamins that fights off the damaging effects brought on by free radicals. These radicals can damage your ears’ tissue, leading to hearing loss. Eat plenty of this green cruciferous veggie and you won’t have to worry as much about hearing loss as you get older.

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