When it comes to outstanding hearing aid devices, the Unitron Moxi is one to consider for a number of very important reasons. Let’s review some of the key features this hearing device offers so you can better understand how it can help improve your overall listening experience.

First of all, this device is an ultra small BTE (behind the ear) design. It offers many advantages and features which the competition just can’t keep up with at competitive pricing. But in looking at the key features and benefits, the first thing which needs to be discussed is the ability of this device to provide an ultra comfortable fit due to its open air design.

This aid is able to provide an outstanding level of sound reproduction and response without the plugged up feeling. And when it comes to high fidelity sound, the Moxi is the one to beat. Depending on the model chosen, the unit can offer outstanding fidelity and response across anywhere from 6 to 20 bands.

This unit also offers automatic operation to provide you with the best results in a wide variety of situations. Where this BTE shines is in providing for speech clarity and noise suppression in very challenging environments. This is the area where many hearing aids simply can’t keep up but this instrument has the goods to make it happen.

The LearnNow feature helps the aid to remember the settings you prefer in different situations and then repeat them automatically when necessary. It avoids having to fiddle with the unit all the time.

A wonderful feature is the binaural phone capability which enables both hearing aids to reproduce phone conversations to provide you with the best possible listening experience, especially in terms of voice clarity and noise suppression. And the duo link feature lets both hearing aids communicate with each other to find the best settings and level of performance for particular situations.

One terrific feature is the My Music feature which helps to bring out the fullest tones in musical reproduction. It lets you hear music the way it was meant to be heard.

There are also many other advanced features which the Moxi offers. You can find much more information on the Unitron website and other sources. But do yourself a favor and check into it further.

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