Unitron is a wonderful company which has developed, produced and supported innovative and feature rich hearing aids instruments for many years. Their commitment to helping those people who might otherwise be unable to experience the benefits of hearing aids is very notable and noble.

And the company also makes a strong effort in developing products which are both affordable and offer advanced features. Unitron’s the Next hearing aids exemplifies this goal very well.

The Next series of hearing instruments consists of a line of products which falls from entry level to mid level in the price and performance range. But even the entry level product line called Next E has many outstanding features normally found in higher end instruments like an advanced feedback system.

The product is available in a very small behind the ear style as well as very discreet ITC (in the canal) models. It also has the option for different styles and colors. So value pricing does not necessarily mean feature, performance and design are limited.

The Next 4 lineup works well in less challenging environments but provides for terrific speech enhancement capabilities, noise reduction and an advanced feedback management system. It is available in a broad array of colors and styles and can be configured as an ultra compact behind the ear type or a completely in the ear canal style.

The Next 8 product is regarded as the mid level option in the series. It offers automatic adjustment capabilities, along with an adaptive directional microphone and speech enhancement. The unit also offers outstanding noise suppression and a very sophisticated feedback management system, as well as many different colors and styles.

The Next 16 is certainly the advanced and feature rich product of the series. It includes an outstanding set of features including the proprietary Comfort-Clarity Balance, automatic adjustments, adaptive directional microphones, and a very advanced and sophisticated feedback management system.

This product is available in many exciting colors and can be configured as an ultra compact behind the ear design or even more compact completely in the ear canal design. If you need to utmost in features and performance this is the one to choose.

But no matter what your needs or budget, there should be a Next series hearing aids device just for you. It will help you to achieve the kind of listening experience you desire and deserve. Check into it today.

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