Hearing loss affects every facet of life, not only for the hearing impaired person but also for their family and friends. However, many people put off seeing a Hearing Care Specialist because of negative assumptions about hearing devices and the idea that hearing aids are obtrusive and easily seen. Thanks to CIC (complete in the canal) hearing devices, these negative assumptions can be shattered.

CIC hearing devices are hearing aids that sit completely in the ear canal of the user. CIC refers to the placement and size of the hearing device, leaving the device almost undetectable to observers. While CIC hearing aids describe the size, they can come in many models and from many manufactures. CIC hearing aids are able to house different technology levels as well, allowing the hearing impaired more options, no matter the budget.

Due to the fact that CIC hearing aids sit so deep in the ear, completely in the canal aids most closely mimic the natural process of hearing. Because the speaker of the CIC aids is so close to the eardrum, completely in the canal hearing instruments also provide a little “boost” of loudness to the user.

CICs are recommended for those who suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss. They are cosmetically appealing because they are almost hidden, providing more ease of mind to those worried about the cosmetic aspect of hearing loss. In addition, they can come in all different technology levels and different circuits, allowing more freedom and peace of mind. Now when in public or meeting new people, the hearing impaired can communicate easily without worrying about everyone staring at their hearing devices- because they are almost invisible!!

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