Starkey Laboratories has developed a wonderful Hearing Aid called AMP. The AMP is a new, ultra sleek and remarkable tiny hearing amplification device.

This hearing instrument is perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss. The best part is the fact that not only does it fit nearly invisibly inside of the ear, it is also extremely affordable.

The AMP hearing aids are ultra small and designed to be virtually undetectable. The size of the aids allows them to be placed deep enough within the average ear canal to render them nearly invisible.

While the AMP does not necessarily offer all the advance features of digital hearing aids, it is an excellent solution for people who can benefit from moderate amplification. However, the AMP is not practical for individuals with more severe hearing loss but is an excellent way for individuals to get started on the solution to hearing loss, if they are not suffering with excessive symptoms.

The aid is easy for a Hearing Care Professional to adjust and optimize for most patients, and it is ideal for the most common type of hearing loss, which is high frequency response. The device also cuts costs by offering a one size fits all solution. This is because the AMP uses an innovated elastomeric sleeve, designed to fit several different ear canal sizes.

This aid very effectively addresses one of the biggest objections people have in wearing hearing aids initially, which is usually cosmetic. Due to the size and design of the AMP, it can be placed in the ear and be nearly invisible to other people in normal situations.

This is a wonderful way for the wearer to experience the benefit of hearing instruments in a discreet way. Over time, most users realize the benefits of using hearing instruments outweigh the users’ initial objections; this gives them the motivation to move into higher technology hearing instruments with more features and control leading the wearer to a greater quality of life.

In short, the AMP hearing aids have significant benefits such as:

• A cost effective design, which avoid sticker shock from first time buyers

• Outstanding feedback elimination and customizable settings

• Superior sound quality

• Excellent comfort and convenience

For all these reasons, this hearing aid is definitely one to consider for a first time user. For more details, consult with your hearing professional.

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