There exists an excellent chance that your hearing aid offers Bluetooth technology, especially if you bought it I the last few years. While Bluetooth was initially designed for use with cellular phones, its uses have evolved to include computers, home phones and TVs. When your hearing aid features Bluetooth, you are able to interact with these devices in new and practical ways, allowing you to enjoy better hearing and a higher quality of life.

A hearing aid’s Bluetooth capabilities are typically accessed by a standalone device that’s both small and easy to use. These devices are usually kept in a pocket or worn around the neck. The controller is used to wirelessly receive sounds from Bluetooth enabled devices and transmit them to your hearing aid. You can use this feature to listen to your TV set or cellphone without needing to raise the volume. You can also use Bluetooth to listen to phone conversations in both ears, which makes it even easier to hear.

Controllers for Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids are meant to be very easy to use. If you want to connect your hearing aids to a specific Bluetooth device (a television, for instance), it’s typically as simple as pressing a button. If you want to hear your television, simply press the television control button once to turn it on, and then press it again when you want to stop listening. Many manufacturers incorporate other functions in these controllers, letting you access many other features through this one device.

Hearing aids with a Bluetooth feature can help keep senior citizens with mobility issues safe and comfortable. Newer designs allow you to be up to 30 feet away from your telephone when making a call, allowing you to call your family without needing to leave your chair. This ease of access may be lifesaving in case of an emergency.

Bluetooth-equipped hearing aids provide a high-quality listening experience that is tough or impossible to imitate using any other technology solution. This feature is easy to use and has a big impact on your ability to hear, allowing you to hear things you never imagined would be possible.

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