Experience ReSound Alera®, a platform of hearing aids that provide superior sound quality and personalized settings that ensure your comfort throughout the day. You’ll be amazed at how ReSound Alera automatically adjusts to your changing listening environments. Invisible Hearing.

Exceptionally rich sound. Full awareness of the individual sounds around you. Improved ability to locate where sounds are coming from Clear sound and complete comfort when using the phone or listening to music.

Better understand speech, even in noisy environments Whistle-free sound, whether you’re on the phone, or hugging someone.  A truly wireless hearing aid that connects you directly to your TV, cell phone and other audio devices.

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We accept all major insurance, VA Vouchers, and workers compensation cases.
We also accept all Avesis products for hearing services which include Molina Medicare Advantage - Health 2024 and Care N' Care Hearing 2024. We also accept all donations of used hearing aids!
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