Take this simple test.

Do You...

  • Have difficulty in understanding what is being said, unless you are directly facing the speaker?

  • Find yourself complaining that people are mumbling or slurring their words?

  • Find you are continually asking people to repeat words or phrases, though they feel they’re speaking loud enough?

  • Prefer the TV or radio louder than others do?

  • Have difficulty understanding conversation within a group of people?

  • Avoid group meetings, social occasions, public facilities, or family gatherings where listening may be difficult?

  • Have trouble hearing at the movies, house of worship, concert halls, or at other public gatherings—especially where sound sources are at a distance?

  • Have ringing in the ears or other head noises? (hissing, buzzing, crickets, etc). Tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss, but not always, and as such, may be the ears way of saying "ouch!"

If you answered 'Yes' to at least two of these questions, you may have a hearing loss and need to have your hearing tested.

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