Hearing Loss Related Medical Conditions

Learn how different medical conditions can be linked to hearing loss.

  • Aging: It is estimated that for those 75 – 84 years old in the US, 50% have some hearing loss.

  • Dementia: In the US, an estimated 5.8 million (1 in 8) older adults have some form of dementia.

  • Diabetes: In the US, it is estimated that 26 million people have diabetes and 7 million do not know they have it.

  • NIHL: A potentially permanent hearing loss that affects tens of millions of patients, especially those who are exposed daily to high noise levels.

  • Presbycusis: Common in men and women, with men typically having greater hearing loss than women of the same age.

  • Tinnitus: A condition affecting millions of people and for a small percentage, limiting their ability to function normally on a daily basis.

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