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We have collected the finest array of products designed especially to meet the demanding hearing protection requirements necessary for shooting and hunting. Shooters and Hunters are exposed to some of the loudest, most dangerous noises anywhere in the world. A single gunshot can cause permanent hearing damage. Even small caliber weapons such as a .22 create dangerous noise levels. Once your hearing is damaged, it can never be repaired.

We offer several types of Hunting and Shooting Hearing Protection. Our In-Ear Hunting Hearing Aids are designed to fit inside the ear canal, and they both amplify ambient sounds and suppress dangerous gun shot noises. Our Electronic Shooting Ear Muffs all fit over the ear, providing passive sound reduction as well as tactically amplifying safe ambient sounds like voices or game sounds. Passive Shooting Ear Muffs also fit over the ear, but all they do is provide constant, passive noise reduction, making them an excellent choice for hunters and shooters on a budget (passive ear muffs are so popular that we even offer Mutt Muffs passive ear muffs for dogs!). Finally, you will also find below a section specifically dedicated Police and Military hearing protection, for those who need hearing protection in the line of duty.

Whether you are an occasional shooter or a professional marksman, we believe you will find just what you need right here at the Ear Plug Superstore, among the products presented below. If not, let us know: we'll be happy to find it for you.

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