10 Ways to Control Your Hearing Aids With the Apple Watch

By Joho345 (Own work) [CC BY 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons Imagine being able to fine-tune the volume, treble, and bass on your hearing aids as discretely and easily as checking the time on your wrist. Or picture fine-tuning your hearing aids for any … [Read more...]

Why Choose a Local Hearing Care Provider?

The hearing healthcare industry has two barriers that prevent individuals from acquiring better hearing: The inability to notice hearing loss in the first place (due to its gradual onset), and The temptation to find a quick, easy, and inexpensive … [Read more...]

The Right Way to Clean Your Ears

Blausen.com staff. "Blausen gallery 2014". That there is a right way to clean your ears implies that there is a wrong way, and indeed, there is a very wrong way. The wrong way is customary, and it breaks the very first rule of cleaning your ears: … [Read more...]

The Surprising Statistics Behind Occupational Hearing Loss

It’s common to think of hearing loss as an inescapable problem connected with aging, or, more recently, as a consequence of the younger generation’s regular use of iPods. But the numbers suggest that the greater problem may be direct exposure to loud … [Read more...]

Finding Financial Assistance for Your Hearing Aids

The maxim “you get what you pay for” is certainly true of hearing aids, and although contemporary hearing aids are engineered to be more effective than ever, they’re not exactly inexpensive, either. Luckily, modern digital hearing aids, while not … [Read more...]