5 Tips For Getting the Most Out of Your New Hearing Aids

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Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing Aids

To keep your hearing aids working correctly for years to come, you'll need to learn proper care and maintenance. And though it may feel like an additional burden, with the right plan your hearing aid care will become easy and automatic. The secret is … [Read more...]

How to Pick the Right Hearing Aid Model

Modern-day advances in technology ensure that your hearing loss can be successfully remedied with the right hearing aid model. The difficulty is finding the right one. With all of the hearing aid models on the market, it can be just a little … [Read more...]

How Modern Hearing Aids Can Save Your Holiday Season

Dealing with hearing loss throughout the holiday season can be particularly difficult. While you may actually prefer to NOT hear a few of your family members, the conversations you do wish to indulge in can be stressful. And because most large … [Read more...]

Why Hearing Aids Make You Happier Than Winning the Lottery

Assuming that you have hearing loss, what’s more likely to make you happy? A) Winning the lottery, or B) Getting a new pair of hearing aids It may seem obvious to you that the answer is A, but research on happiness tells a quite different story. … [Read more...]

4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

When should I upgrade my hearing aids? This is a typical question we hear from our patients, and the answer requires some thought. While hearing aids typically have a life-span of 3-7 years, there are several situations in which you may desire to … [Read more...]

How Hearing Aids are Programmed

Level of hearing loss, comfort and other personal considerations will all factor into the way your device is programmed before you take it home. Don’t assume you can just purchase a set of hearing aids at the store without having them programmed. You’ll … [Read more...]

Replace or Repair Your Broken Hearing Aid?

"Should I repair or replace an older hearing aid?" is among the more common questions we are asked. The truthful answer needs to be, "That depends." This is an individual choice, and the "best answer" is as individual as the people who ask it. For … [Read more...]

Which Kind of Hearing Aid Battery Do I Need?

It is not easy to offer a single answer to the question "Which hearing aid battery size do I buy?" because hearing aid types and styles vary widely, and so do the batteries used to power them. For anyone that already uses a hearing aid the user manual … [Read more...]

Pluses and Minuses of Replacing vs Repairing Your Broken Hearing Aid

One of our most frequently asked questions is, "My hearing aid is broken or is no longer working - should I replace it with a new one, or have it repaired?" The honest answer has to be, "Well, that depends." It is really an individual decision, and the … [Read more...]