Assistive Listening Devices

Whether you wear hearing aids or not, assistive listening devices can be a wonderful addition to your home. We offer devices ranging from amplified telephones to wireless TV listeners. Below are some of the devices that we have to offer to assist you in your multiple listening environments. For a complete list of the latest devices that we have, please call one of our six offices for more information.

Amplified Talking Cordless Phone with Digital Answering Machine:

The ClearSounds A500 offers crystal clear sound quality and interference-free transmission in well-designed, user friendly package. The large screen and high contrast display makes it easy to see and the Talking Caller ID feature ensures you know who is calling. The talking key pad eliminates frustrating mis-dials and the talking ringtone option adds a new level of convenience. This power-packed phone also lets you set both the volume and the tone to meet your specific need so you hear every call clearly so you can relax and enjoy the conversation rather than strain to catch every word. The Amplified Digital Answering Machine offers certainty that every message is easy to understand. No more exhausting playbacks with this system.

ClearSounds Digital Amplified Freedom Phone:

With its top-notch design, unbelievable ergonomics and cutting-edge tone management technology, the UltraClear Amplifying Speakerphone has pulled out all the stops. Your handset allows you to tailor your amplification and ringtone preferences to perfection. From here on out, you'll hear the complete story...inside and out.

What other amazing features does it offer? It uses 50% less power than other amplified phones, has a large backlit adjustable LCD, caller ID history, display dial and missed call and voicemail indicators.

Clear Ring Amplified Telephone Ring Signaler:

How did you miss another phone call? I'll tell you how. The TV was blaring, your guests were laughing out loud or your phone was on the vibrate setting. Whatever the reason, it's bound to happen from time-to-time. We relate to your predicament in more ways than one, which is why we offer this ring signaler. Simply connect your signaler to your phone and upon receiving calls, you will find yourself picking up on more signals than one. This device makes missing important calls a predicament from the past.

TV Ears - These are the perfect solution for the person that can't hear TV well, whether or not they have a hearing loss. They connect wirelessly to the TV and the user can control the bass and treble, as well as the volume. The user can actually have the TV muted and sit in bed and watch TV while their partner sleeps! These are a great gift for anyone who loves TV, but has a hard time hearing / understanding it.

Kidzsafe Earbuds - Worried about your children and grandchildren listening to loud music / videos through their iPods, phone, MP3 players, etc? Well, worry no more! These earbuds protect children's hearing at all times while in use through maintaining the level of volume emitted into your child's ear in the safe zone for hearing! These can be used with any device that has a headphone jack and come in an assortment of colors. Perfect gift for birthday's, Christmas and more!


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